the last days of summer

wright hall fire hydrant

This hydrant is by Wright Hall, UC Davis, and I drew it at the end of yesterday’s sketchcrawl. Well I drew most of it there, and then finished it off at home, adding colour too. I drew it on a 8×10 piece of Strathmore hot press paper in uniball vision micro, so it’s bigger than what goes in my sketchbook. I have had my eye on this fire hydrant for a while, sitting among the long leaves, with the colourful theatre dept building and the Eggheads outside the Art building behind it. It’s so calm, but tomorrow the new academic year will begin, and so will the craziness…

2 thoughts on “the last days of summer

  1. Jeckenzibbel says:

    Yeah, another fire hydrant by Pete! I will draw a Vancouver one in your honour sometime. We have fire hydrants here that look like Homer Simpson.

    But seriously, I’ve been enjoying the beautiful fall weather up here too. Definitely a chill in the air now, and some leaves are coming off. We are north of 49th up here, and it’s damp, so fall is fog and spider web season.

    • pete scully says:

      I may have been premature. It’s back in the mid-90s all this week, despite cooling off to the low 80s on Saturday. Summer the academic-period is over, but summer the long hot thing with lots of air-conditioning is sticking around for a while…

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