school boards

frat boards at quad, uc davis

It’s a new year on the UC Davis campus, thousands of students new and continuing all over the place, eager enthusiasm abounds and so do bikes, clattering into everything that moves or stands still. All around the campus are the frat-boards, advertising frateernities, sororities, societies, fellowships, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, political groups, you name it. Maybe I should get one for “Let’s Draw Davis”. Our next Sketchcrawl is on October 15th, downtown (exploring the ‘hidden spots’ of downtown, it should be fun, and it’s our first anniversary of Let’s Draw Davis too). I gave out a flier to a fellow sketcher who spotted me drawing the same frat boards (it’s always great to bump into other people out with their sketchbooks!). One other thing about the new academic year on campus is that after a summer of not having to queue much for lunch, suddenyl you’re back into spending ages in line (at least the beloved Thai soup is back), meaning there’s a lot less time for filling sketchbooks. So I only had ten minutes to do a very quick sketch (I had to add the colour later). But I think I caught what I needed to catch in those ten minutes.