the o.c.

orange court, davis

I decided it was about time I drew this, the entranceway to Orange Court off E Street in Davis. It’s a little courtyard of restaurants and cafes and small businesses (I drew inside here once last year). I’m interested in these off-strip places in Davis, the interstitial spaces, the alleys and courtyard, and in fact the October sketchcrawl will largely focus on those places, I think. There are some interesting spaces behind the main buildings. Further up E Street, there are some cool little shops and cafes hidden away between the Pence Gallery and Bizarro Comics. For this drawing, which again is on slightly¬†larger Strathmore hot press paper as part of my latest Davis series, I stood by my bike in a little bit of shade on Tuesday¬†lunchtime and drew most of it, finishing off details and the colour when I got home.