d’you wanna pizza me?


I don’t eat pizza very often, and I don’t ever get pizza from here, but Woodstock’s is one of those Davis staples, and a student favourite. On Friday lunchtime I was not sure what to woodstocks thumbnail sketchsketch, and in the end I left it too long to decide. I stopped on G Street and drew a quick ten minute thumbnail of this well-known pizzeria, with the intention of coming back and doing a bigger drawing. I came back downtown this afternoon and sat out on G Street sketching. That’s a sushi place next door, very popular. I don’t eat sushi.

Here’s a note. I drew this on Canson Montval watercolour paper (the main one; the thumbnail was in my watercolour moleskine), with a micron pigma pen, but decided to use the very thin nibbed uniball signo for the bricks. I’ve used it recently with drawings that were subsequenty given a wash and had no problem, but this time, my initial issue with the pen happened again and it bled. I don’t mind too much because it toned down the bricks a bit, but nonetheless i had not expected it. I guess when you leav it for a few hours, it doesn’t bleed, but when you add a wash right away it does. Interesting to know.