and i swear it is a new day

old city hall, davis CA

Old City Hall, yet again. Hot weather is still the name of the game in Davis, though summer is cresting. This was drawn on the last day of August. That’s always a strange time. As a kid it meant summer would soon come to an abrupt end, and school would begin. Now I work for a university in a university town, and though I work all summer it still feels like the days are counting down to when the great hordes will arrive. There are a lot of students here in the summer, with summer classes being so popular nowadays, but in a few weeks it will be Fall and the craziness begins. New students, returning students, returning faculty, bikes and new cyclists everywhere…

Drawn on Strathmore 8 x 10 inch hot press watercolour paper, with the uni-ball signo um-151 which, I am pleased to report, did pretty bloody well with the watercolour wash!