pence gallery art auction 2011

arboretum bridge at pence gallery auction

Tomorrow (Saturday September 10) is the date of the Pence Gallery’s 2011 Art Auction, in which the work of about 140 artists is on display for sale in the auction. the silent auction has been going for the past couple of weeks, and I was finally able to get over there myself yesterday to check it out. There is some amazing work there! The silent auction is still on until 5pm on saturday, and then in the evening the live auction and gala event will take place, with local food, drink and music, as well of course as the art. Tickets are available on the Pence Gallery website.

The piece I have is above, called “Arboretum Bridge” because it is a bridge in the Arboretum, imaginitively enough. A very Davis piece. If you fancy bidding for it, why not head to the Pence?

(Incidentally, I have an upcoming show at the Pence this December…)