shakespeare’s in the alley

4th st alley

This is actually on the other side of the funky looking ‘Secretariat’ building on G Street that I drew last week. I’ve wanted to draw this alley, just off 4th, for a long time but always forget about it. That balcony area is so unusual; hardly Romeo and Juliet, unless Romeo was an old tomcat or something. I kept in the graffiti. Never understood the whole tagging thing –¬†unless the graffiti artists are old tomcats or something – why do they have to be so illegible? It’s a bit like when you first learn to do a signature, it makes you feel all grown-up, writing your name in a barely legible way.

Another bigger one on Strathmore hot-press paper, latest in the series. Yep, it’s a series, just not in a sketchbook.