once upon a time…

funny building on G St

It looks a bit like something you’d come across in a fairy-tale forest. This funny looking building is on G St in Davis, and it’s hard to believe I’ve never drawn it before, not from the front anyway. It could be straight out of Hansel and Gretel or something. I drew it one lunchtime last week, finishing off the colour at home. On the way home I left breadcrumbs so that I might find my way back. Always thought that was a bit silly, leaving a breadcrumb trail in a forest where 1) there are birds and mice and other animals who will eat the bread, 2) there are big bad wolves who colud follow the trail to find you, and 3) you’re in a forest with no food except bread, which you’re throwing all over the floor. Sure, there may be a cottage nearby made out of cadbury’s chocolate fingers or a family of bears who cook their porridge at three different temparatures and then decide to go for a walk (Goldilocks, it’s a sting, don’t fall for it girl!). Fairy tales are funny things. When I tell them to my son at bedtime, we always end with “and they all lived happily ever after,” followed by “except for the big bad wolf who had no head,” or “except for the poor giant who was fell from the falling beanstalk and couldn’t get back to his castle, and was left with nowhere to live.”

I think these are offices of some sort. There aren’t any wolves-in-granny’s-clothing here, nor amateur-architect-swine. Safely in the realm of the real world.