delta skelter

delta of venus, davis

I have drawn this place before recently, the Delta of Venus in Davis, but this time I drew it bigger and with a fire hydrant in front of it. I sat behind said hydrant across the street in the shade. Another in my series of slightly larger Davis scenes on loose watercolour sheets.

let’s draw uc davis

let's draw davis! september 17

Next week, it’s time for another sketchcrawl in Davis! This time on the UC Davis campus, which will be starting to bustle with the incoming new students.

START: 10:30am, Memorial Union bus terminal (by the red phonebox)

FINISH: 3:00pm, at the Eggheads near the Art Building

As always, this is free and everyone is welcome, all ages/levels. All you need is something to draw with and something to draw on!

For more info leave a comment below or visit our Facebook event page.

See you there!

god save the queen

dairy queen davis

How long have I wanted to draw this building? How many times have I got off the bus outside over the years and said, must sketch that one day? I have drawn the sign, and a fire hydrant nearby, but never the building. I’ve even ended a sketchcrawl there. Last Saturday however I finally went and drew the place, Dairy Queen on 5th Street in Davis. It’s classic Americana. The sign isn’t a modern ‘DQ’, the building isn’t all late-2000s strip-mall fakery, and the food is just what you expect (at least I expect it is, I only had a slurpee type drink, and I don’t eat hamburgers). I learned a funny thing, apparently in other states the Dairy Queens close up in wintertime, because nobody eats ice-cream when it’s snowy, while in California they stay open, because we’re the sunshine state. No, hang on that’s Florida, we’re the golden state. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Either way, these are the sorts of places I like to draw, thought obviously it takes me years to actually do so.

DQ sketch