god save the queen

dairy queen davis

How long have I wanted to draw this building? How many times have I got off the bus outside over the years and said, must sketch that one day? I have drawn the sign, and a fire hydrant nearby, but never the building. I’ve even ended a sketchcrawl there. Last Saturday however I finally went and drew the place, Dairy Queen on 5th Street in Davis. It’s classic Americana. The sign isn’t a modern ‘DQ’, the building isn’t all late-2000s strip-mall fakery, and the food is just what you expect (at least I expect it is, I only had a slurpee type drink, and I don’t eat hamburgers). I learned a funny thing, apparently in other states the Dairy Queens close up in wintertime, because nobody eats ice-cream when it’s snowy, while in California they stay open, because we’re the sunshine state. No, hang on that’s Florida, we’re the golden state. I don’t know if it’s true or not. Either way, these are the sorts of places I like to draw, thought obviously it takes me years to actually do so.

DQ sketch


4 thoughts on “god save the queen

  1. Aileen Muir says:

    I love this sketch. i’m a big fan of Dairy Queen. I’d only take a blizzard from it but it is, for me at least, iconic Americana. I once encountered a wedding party celebrating their special day somewhere in smalltown Texas. i also was served by the boy from the Larsen cartoon ‘School for the gifted’ in Drippin Springs (also Texas). All life is there.

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