my little green friend

toad hollow, davis

Toad Hollow, Davis, an amphibian ghetto near the post office, by the Pole Line Road flyover.It is the entrance to a tunnel which allows toads (and frogs, no discrimination here) (but not newts, coming over here, nicking our jobs and our lilypads). This is a much beloved spot in Davis, one of our quirkier details, the story of which I’ve written about before here. The flags are up, I think they were for September 11 but am not sure. Notice how they have little solar panels, very eco-friendly, it is easy being green in this town. You never see a toad driving an SUV. You see people who look like toads driving SUVs, maybe. If Davis toads could drive, I can just imagine their bumper stickers. “Hop springs eternal”, “Stop the Wart”, “The only Romney I like is a Marsh”, etc etc

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