my young apprentice

luke painting

I forgot about this sketch, I did in July, of my three year old son Luke painting with his winsor and newton paints in his own sketchbook. He likes to draw. The other morning, he woke me up early putting a pack of crayons and some paper on my bed. He drew a shape, and then told me to trace over it with a red crayon. He wasn’t impressed with the results though. “No no, daddy,”  he said, “triangles have five sides!”

4 thoughts on “my young apprentice

  1. Alex Zonis says:

    Luke grew so much since I last saw you drew his portrait! Apprentice indeed, his mathematical conjecture not withstanding. He even holds his pen in an unusual way :). At the same time he might be up to something with his 5 sided triangle, all discoveries started with untraditional thinking. I love his curls!

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