hoe does your gaarden grow


Beer. A great thing to drink on yet another very very hot day, when work has kept you busy (also a very good thing to drink while the season opener of Gray’s Anatomy is on in the same room). I used to like drinking Hoegaarden when I was in Belgium, and in fact was given a set of Hoegaarden glasses and beers, from the various types they make, as a parting gift by some Belgian friends. Wow, that was more than eleven years ago. This is one of those very glasses (though the beer is newer). Drinking it does remind me of Belgium, of Blokker and Inno and Champion (they’re shops, not greyhounds), of squared paper notebooks and crazy drivers, of warm cosy pubs and freezing cold rainy walks home, of phonecards and mitraillettes de dinde, of sitting on trains and trams just for the pleasure of reading a book. You can imagine me at a beer tasting festival. “Ah yes, this one has a fruity aroma, with a hint of waiting half an hour to use a cashpoint and then stepping in dogpoo.” Funny thing is, I didn’t drink Hoegaarden that often, I usually drank Fruit Defendu (made by them, though) or Leffe, perhaps a nice cold a Maes or occasionally my favourite, Charles Quint. I love a Kwak too. Mmm, that one has a nutty palatte, an aroma of that time when my mate Tel came over and downed one too quickly, and the room started to spin and he spent the next hour and a half in the toilet before wandering home in the snow. Happy times!

Sketched in my ‘bottle and glass brown paper sketchbook’. That name has nothing to do with cockney rhyming slang, by the way.

4 thoughts on “hoe does your gaarden grow

  1. Janice L-H says:

    We still watch Grey’s Anatomy but I get increasingly frustrated at the improbable medical events/decisions in the show (my hubby has taken to yelling at the screen because no one’s actions have consequences anymore – hear that Meredith?). Needless to say- he is banned from the room during that hour…:)

    • pete scully says:

      I’d ban myself if I could, I can’t stand Gray’s Anatomy, the dross music, the storylines, the cheesy sentimentality, the title character’s terrible hair and expression… but my wife likes it, so it’s on tv when i’m drawing!

  2. Kalina says:

    I still haven’t tried Hoegaarden, but enjoyed the Charles Quint. Really it seemed like in Belgium you can’t do too badly no matter what beer you order. I particularly like the Oud Bruins and also Westmalle Dubbel. And Tongerlo Blonde. And…

    • pete scully says:

      I like Hoegaarden for a ‘blanche’ beer, used to like Brugse Wit as well though. Charles Quint’s the best, that was introduced to me in its typical pottery mug at La Cuve a Biere in Charleroi by an enormous sailor from Antwerp who said even he would not drink more than two without care. I never had Oud Bruins, but Westmalle, well Westmalle Tripel was my beer of choice for a while back then, and wow that one was dangerous to know…

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