goodbye piccadilly, farewell leicester square

tipperary pub, fleet street

You’ve got to love the old London pub. Sure, most pubs these days aren’t that old-fashioned, appealing to a younger crowd who need somewhere to spend the weekday hours from 5:30 to 11:00, while high beer prices are making the tradiitonal fans stay at home and watch pubs on the telly. There are still those that look the part, however, and here are a couple that I like. The Tipperary, above, is not somewhere I ever went particualrly often, but I appreciate its history – over three centuries ago it was London’s first Irish pub, and the first place outside Ireland to serve Guinness. It’s on Fleet Street, not far from the Cheshire Cheese. Below, The Ship, a proper Soho pub, one I used to go to many many times. It’s on Wardour Street, near the now-closed (and now reopened as a burger joint, I hear) Intrepid Fox, another beloved former haunt.   

the ship, soho

And you know what folks, these two drawings are available for you to buy on my Etsy store…and these pubs would look very nice side by side on your wall!

2 thoughts on “goodbye piccadilly, farewell leicester square

  1. Rowland Jones says:

    In the early 90’s I used to go to a pub in London where Diz Disley used to play on a Sunday lunch time: great beer, great jazz and they’d bring around tray of roast potatoes. There was also an ‘old dear’ in the corner who used to shell peas for her Sunday lunch whilst drinking a milk stout . . . and, yes it was the 1990’s not the 1890’s . . . ah, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be . . . .

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