lunch on

in the silo

Another lunch-place sketch. Every day this week I have sketched a different place I’ve been eating lunch (all with a fountain diet coke in the foreground). This is in the Silo. I had Taco Bell. I don’t usually sit downstairs on the big long tables with the other people. Ok, it’s because of the overheard conversations. I left out the chattering folk in this one. Thankfully Silent Bob was at the end of the table. Or is it Silo Bob? Where will my lunchtime adventures take me tomorrow..?

curry on at the coho

CoHo UC Davis

I sometimes have a dilemma – go to the Coffee House (CoHo) at the Memorial Union on campus and have their delicious Thai Green Curry soup, or sketch at lunchtime. I rarely have time to do both, as eating that very tasty (and very big) soup is a big deal that must be savoured. Yesterday I chose to do both. I’ve been meaning to sketch the new CoHo for a while. It was rebuilt and reopened last Summer (after I spent over a year without my lovely soup) and is quite an impressive place now. Not necessarily any easier getting a seat, but there are comfier options at least.

Sketched in uniball vision micro pen.