in our natural habitat

habit burger

Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday, shot in the eyes, his body taken and dumped in the sea (who was in charge of the operation, Luca Brasi?), and today American airport staff are on high alert (that’s now “elevated”, rather than “orange alert”) for joke after joke after tiring joke about taking their sodas and nail-clippers through security (hey, I got mine out of the way last night). Today, to celebrate, I had lunch at The Habit, a burger chain in Davis which does absolutely amazing chicken burgers. Of course, I was only celebrating the fact that it was lunchtime, and I usually celebrate that by eating food and having a fountain soda, but it’s May, a month which will probably now be renamed Can. The staff in here are friendly, though I was cheerily asked if I wanted my tray of food taken away while only halfway through actually eating it. Let me finish nibbling my fries! If it takes me all lunchtime, I’ll stay the course! I’ll leave no fry un-nibbled.