ding dong, the witch is dead…

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Wow, it’s great to be actually paying attention at the moment a Big News night suddenly happens. I just happened to notice on Twitter that the President was about to give a live speech, nobody knows what it’s going to be about, and so we turn on the TV, and they say “Bin Laden is dead”, which is one of those headlines we had expected for years but had started looking unlikely. Eagerly anticipating Obama’s speech, I got out not one but two sketchbooks (my little ‘people’ moley and my small wh smith sketchbook).

osama news may 1 2011

Wow, what News that is. People are out on the streets of America waving their flags, and it’s not even a Royal Wedding. I wonder if Trump and all them will need to see the death certificate? (That joke is already old) It appears Bin Laden wasn’t in a cave, but a big mansion, and nobody knew; did it have a name? ‘Dunterrorisin’?  And more importantly…does this mean we drink cans of Pepsi Max on airplanes now?