oh wow, the whole earth? that’s like, so heavy, man

whole earth festival

Hippies and Davis go together like Strawberries and Wimbledon, and every year all the hippies come together for the annual Whole Earth Festival on the UC Davis campus. Day two is happening as I sit at home writing; I popped by the Quad yesterday lunchtime to check out what was going on. I didn’t fancy an eggplant and lentil wrap or organic lemonade, so grabbed a turkey sandwich at the MU and sat and watched the band that was playing. They were very jam-band/acid-jazz-ish, or at least what I consider to be such things (I’m not very good at categories), had several saxophones and one female back-up vocalist who kept singing “Yo-ho-ho-ho”, but I don’t think the song was about pirates. I tried to keep up with the main singer’s lyrics, it wasn’t exactly The Streets but I did make out the words “teeny-tiny tidy-whitie”, which I think is some sort of underpant. Perhaps it was tie-die whitie. There were a lot of tie-die t-shirts around, and a fair few sandals. No sign of Neil from the Young Ones, but I bet he was around somewhere.