pete on etsy

Well, Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday is done with, and houses are starting to deck themselves out in glitz, lights and those spangly reindeer things people like putting in their yards. Christmas is a-coming in. So why not pop over to my Etsy store? I love Etsy, and it’s nice to occasionally sell some art on there myself. I have a modest selection of very nice prints and original drawings still available…

For example, you could get a lovely print of my ‘train’ drawing
train engine in davis

Or maybe an original drawing of Old City Hall in Davis?
old city hall, F street

Perhaps you like birds…how about a beautiful original drawing of some birdhouses?

Or decorate your wall with a spiffing colourful 10″ x 20″ panorama print of the Davis Art Center?
Davis Art Center

There’s more stuff on there, so please pop by and check it out. Pretty please.

Pete Scully on Etsy

Ok, ’nuff said, back to the sketching…


ladies first

alamo square (un)painted ladies

Another drawing of San Francisco’s Painted Ladies in Alamo Square (from a photo and previous sketch), this time with some paint speckled in the background. This drawing is available to buy on my Etsy store.

goodbye piccadilly, farewell leicester square

tipperary pub, fleet street

You’ve got to love the old London pub. Sure, most pubs these days aren’t that old-fashioned, appealing to a younger crowd who need somewhere to spend the weekday hours from 5:30 to 11:00, while high beer prices are making the tradiitonal fans stay at home and watch pubs on the telly. There are still those that look the part, however, and here are a couple that I like. The Tipperary, above, is not somewhere I ever went particualrly often, but I appreciate its history – over three centuries ago it was London’s first Irish pub, and the first place outside Ireland to serve Guinness. It’s on Fleet Street, not far from the Cheshire Cheese. Below, The Ship, a proper Soho pub, one I used to go to many many times. It’s on Wardour Street, near the now-closed (and now reopened as a burger joint, I hear) Intrepid Fox, another beloved former haunt.   

the ship, soho

And you know what folks, these two drawings are available for you to buy on my Etsy store…and these pubs would look very nice side by side on your wall!

boo to the business world

In case you didn’t know, I occasionally sell some drawings on my Etsy store: I’ve actually had the store for a while but not really added much to it, but lately I’ve been adding some more and plan to add more original drawings (and prints) in the coming weeks. If you’re interested, please visit my Etsy shopvarsity theatre, 2nd st

Above: the Varsity theatre on 2nd St, Davis; see the Etsy listing here. It’s a nice view of the old theatre before they put the new Mishka’s cafe next door. That would look nice in a frame on your wall; something to remember Davis by.

So anyway… I would really like to go to the Lisbon Urban Sketching Symposium this year, and so I’m planning to raise the money by selling some drawings. I’m also open to commissions; I don’t really draw people, but if you’d like a nice drawing of your house or shop, or of somewhere particular in Davis or London or anywhere else, let me know! Etsy even has a ‘request custom item’ feature.