Napper Valley

UC Davis Quad
A lovely sunny Monday lunchtime. This is the UC Davis Quad. You will notice on the right there are blue hammocks set up with people taking naps inside. This is very much encouraged in Davis (also in nearby Napper Valley). Taking a nap is good for you. What do you call it when someone is pretending to be asleep? Fake Snooze. I haven’t tried the hammocks myself, they are usually all occupied. Ironically they didn’t have these when people were camping on the Quad years ago in the ‘Occupy’ protests. Back then, UC Davis was put on the map of infamy by the ‘Pepper Spray Incident’. Did you hear about the peanut who was pepper-sprayed? He was a salted. Peanut. Ha ha, ha ha. It’s very peaceful here now, though we still have protests and a number of marches, as you would expect. This for example was March 18. Sorry I appear to have been possessed by the spirit of Tommy Cooper.

7 thoughts on “Napper Valley

  1. Frank Bettendorf says:


    We met at the first Urban Sketcher Symposium in Portland and I have enjoyed following your sketching since then. I recall that I recommended that you stop by the Pence Gallery and show them your work, you did, and you got a show! Very pleasing for me! And I assume for you.

    My sister lives in Davis and today I received from her the very nice interview/critique of your Davis sketching in the Enterprise. Very nice article and I’m extremely pleased that you boosted the sketching world. Thanks.

    Best wishes,


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