do you wanna build a sonoma

sonoma CA
Last month on Mother’s Day we went to Sonoma and had a family lunch. While the kids were playing in the park and the ladies were talking I went to sketch the Sebastiani Theatre building, which I last drew 10 years ago. I like Sonoma. It reminds me of the first time I visited California, and my girlfriend (now wife) was housesitting her friends’ house there for a few days. I remember the amazing cheese from the cheese shop, and the delicious wine. Drinking nice wine with cheese made me feel like I’d made it. I’d previously lived in France of course, where both items are in abundance, but had only ever had the cheap plonk from Super U and could never get through the door of the cheese shop in Aix for the whacking smell. I’ve always liked Sonoma though, and always enjoy going back. Oh, and here is a fire hydrant.
sonoma hydrant

dutton to say but it’s ok

dutton hall UC Davis
I haven’t posted this already have I? I don’t think so; I know I haven’t drawn this building before. This is Dutton Hall, on the UC Davis campus. Nestled in behind the historic North and South Halls, if you were a UC Davis student you probably had to come here at some point to pay a bill. The Registrar is also based here. I’ve always shied away from sketching this because those windows and that big curving entrance have always posed a challenge to me. Oh a challenge you say? A challenge is good practice. I sat on a bench and sketched as best I could over the course of a lunchtime and a half.