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Nike Renew

I have been running more and more for the past year and a half, just around the local area, usually on runs of between 2-3 miles (occasionally more), but it was only a couple of weeks ago that I actually went and got some actual running shoes. These are Nike Renew. They really made a difference, finally running with a bit more cushion beneath my sole makes things a lot more comfortable than my regular trainers. Anyway, I have drawn so many of my son’s shoes over the years that it was time to draw my own for once. The funny thing I learned about running shoes is you need to get a size up, at least, because of the way your feet expand when running. Lately though I’ve had trouble buying any new shoes because my feet always feel too big for my regular size. I’ll look at my shoes I’ve worn for years and be like, yep, definitely a 9, but when I buy new size 9s it’s like wearing kids shoes, and I don’t mean in that kind of ‘new shoe, not broken in yet’ way because I recognize that when getting shoes. Maybe my feet are getting bigger. Maybe shoes in general are getting smaller. I got my feet measured at REI while looking for new hiking boots (we are still hoping to go on the spring hiking trip to Utah we had to cancel last year) and they were like, get at least 10.5. I must admit, other than checking what size my last shoes were, I never actually measure my feet, because in general I don’t like buying shoes. I’ve never liked shoe shops, ever since I was a kid. My mum used to take me to shoe shops at Brent Cross or wherever and I hated them, the new-shoe smell of them, being forced to put things on my feet, but mostly waiting around. I would ask to wait outside the shop. I feel like much of my childhood was spent stood outside Dolcis or Freeman Hardy and Willis. I do like looking at shoes online though, “ooh they look cool,” and I quite liked these ones. I am going to track my mileage in them, so I know how long they last before wearing down (I actually do have spreadsheets…). Keep on running!