see ya 2015

2015 sketches sm

A little slow in getting this up, but here is a shot of all of my sketches done in 2015*. It was a sketch-filled year alright, with a large bulk coming in the middle, on my sketching trip to France, and a large number of panoramas being drawn last January (this January however, not so much). It doesn’t include badges designed for my son’s soccer team, nor the advent calendars I drew (I meant to show you those in December…). Still I am happy with this haul.

The sketchbooks used were…

Apart from Davis/San Francisco/Santa Rosa/Sacramento (the local places), I went to (and sketched)…

  • Los Angeles / Santa Monica
  • Monterey / Pacific Grove
  • London, England (twice)
  • Hertford, England
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Medford / Jacksonville, Oregon
  • Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Strasbourg, France
  • Legoland, California

I took twelve planes and one TGV. I dressed up like a pirate in Portland, and witnessed my friends’ secret wedding in San Francisco. I coached two youth soccer teams and made a lot of stickers. I didn’t organize a single sketchcrawl (!! 2016 maybe…) but attended a big three-day sketchcrawl in France. I sold several drawings and exhibited once again at the Pence Gallery’s art auction.

And I authored a book! Called “Creative Sketching Workshop” which you can buy in shops and online right now.

What I did not get was a real hoverboard (but sadly things called hoverboards do exist, and they do not even hover, they are just rubbish motorized things on wheels trading on the much cooler name).

Incidentally, if you’re interested, here are the sketches from 2014, 2013 and 2012.

2015 was busy alright. Hope you all have a fun 2016! This year is the year I turn 40 (very soon in fact) (like ridiculously soon, like clutching-on-to-the-last-days-of-my-30s soon).

(*Damn! I just realized, also sketched some of my son’s shoes but haven’t scanned them yet…)

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