2013 – twelve months of sketches

2013 in sketches
We are well into 2014 already, and it’s already a busy little year, but it’s time to reflect on the sketches of the past year. Here are most of them. I used a variety of sketchbooks (Watercolour Moleskine, Stillman & Birn Alpha and Beta, Seawhite of Brighton) as well as some being standalone ones made for shows or for sale. I sketched Davis, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Portland, London, St.Albans and Barcelona; I sketched bars, cars, toys, churches, food trucks, bridges, sketchers and pirates; some of the places I sketched no longer exist as they were then (and I forgot to put my last Davis Dairy Queen sketch on this chart – that one now has closed down too). Some periods were full of activity, some periods I actually pulled back from sketching considerably, for one reason or another. I don’t know it was my favourite year as a sketcher, I may have had more productive years but I can certainly see some progression. Switching about my sketchbooks was one of the most challenging aspects, getting used to different papers. The paper you draw on has an enormous effect on how relaxed you are sketching; this Seawhite sketchbook is ok, and I will finish it, but I likely won’t be using another as my main book. I’ve found I have less time for sketchcrawls, and have been ok with not sketching, but I have also had bursts of creative energy which I’ve just wanted to share with everyone around me. Among my sketching highlights have been the Jack the Ripper sketchcrawl in Whitechapel, London, where I met some incredible sketchers ; sketching both Sagrada Familia and the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, both lifelong dreams now fulfilled ; being featured in Danny Gregory’s book ‘An illustrated Journey’, with my sketch of Vipins in Burnt Oak appearing on the cover, and many more. I also produced two short comics which were included as part of the band Art Brut’s 10th anniversary album (they appear on the app, in which there is a short comic with every song). I sketched at the Pence Gallery’s 2013 Art auction where I also sold a large panorama I drew of the Davis Art Center. I also sketched the grand opening of local artist Heidi Bekebrede’s excellent new Davis Song mural, a tile of which is based on my red bus sketch. However it’s been a year in which I feel I’ve struggled to keep up, lacked energy, had to learn my limits. I do have plans and ideas for books and projects, and maybe 2014 will be the year I press the button and get them done, art goals, and if they get done they get done, great, and if not, c’est la vie. One question I’m often asked when sketching is, “nice sketch, but what’s it for?”  I just like urban sketching because it’s fun, not because it is for something. It is for me, and now, here are my 2013 sketches for you.

Roll on 2014…

6 thoughts on “2013 – twelve months of sketches

  1. Jason Pearlman says:

    I enjoyed following your sketches this year. I actually got around to doing a bar/pub sketch, on which you gave me some advice, and which came in very helpful. I’ll get around to posting it eventually. Looking forward to your work in 2014…

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