every. thing. awesome.

Legoland entrance, California

If you’ve been following any of my posts lately you may have seen that we like a bit of Lego, chez Scully. Last weekend we wet to Legoland, where everything actually is awesome. It was our second trip to Legoland California (and we went to Legoland Windsor last year too), and you might think that, well Pete loves sketching, he loves Lego, he loves sketching Lego, perfect yes? Well this was the only sketch I did, I was having too much Lego fun! It’s a great place for a seven year old (I’m not seven by the way, I’m pushing forty). We stayed a night at the Legoland Hotel, in a knight-themed room, and spent a lot of money in the Big Shop. What was nice about this trip was we spent the afternoons either at the hotel pool or at the really fun Chima water-park. Legoland is small enough that you can fit a lot in all in the morning, and it wasn’t particularly crowded, which was a surprise for the summertime. Last year at Windsor we waited almost an hour and a half just to get in! Here in Carlsbad there were very few long lines for rides (unlike at Disneyland), and we could just go back to the hotel for a rest if we wanted. The Star Wars section is better this year, with a huge Death Star and a bit where my son and I built little spaceships. Yes, everything was awesome. We will be back.

4 thoughts on “every. thing. awesome.

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    We love Legoland too. We’ve been to Windsor twice and did Florida this past December. We preferred Windsor though I appreciated the predictable weather in Florida. I agree that it’s just so much fun and all the Lego details made it magical. Did you see a fireworks display? With the special glasses? That blew my kids’ minds. Great sketch but I’m glad it’s your only one because I’m happy you spent your time just having fun.

  2. pete scully says:

    Windsor is a lot of fun, we just had long lines getting in, and it took forever to get out of the car park afterwards as well (well over an hour), apparently it’s often a problem there. Florida it looks like has a lot of the same rides as California, but we have a dream to go to all the Legolands (I always wanted to go to the original in Billund, Denmark)

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