pub lunch

de vere's at lunchtime

I went downtown at lunchtime today, intending to do some drawing in the bright weather. However I suddenly decided that chips in mushroom gravy sounded really good, so I popped into De Vere’s on E Street. Good place to sketch! I drew the bar previously from the middle; this one, which took under an hour, was drawn from the end. The chips in gravy were really good.

3 thoughts on “pub lunch

  1. Matt Laine says:

    Pete, not only is the drawing great but the mention of approximately how long it took you is (to me) is really welcome — I almost always think “Jeez, that’s terrific — I wonder how long it took him!”

  2. Rowland Jones says:

    Chips in gravy . . . . wow! takes me back to student days in Manchester– in fact I might try ansd get some whew I’m there next week…. I’m salivating at the thought.funny how simple food is sooo good .. it’s like here in Italy– proper bruschetta– garlic scrapped on to taosted bread and then olive oil on to that – – it’s awesomely good

    and nice sketch, too!

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