i’ll be back for breakfast

Lori's Diner SF

While in San Francisco we stayed by Union Square, and had breakfast at the popular Lori’s Diner right by the hotel. The hotel was the King George, in case you’re wondering, which I chose because a friend of mine from England stayed there once and liked it (he said at the time he chose a room on the 7th floor, so that no spiders such as black widows would be able to get to him – because the one thing spider can’t do is climb walls, eh…). This diner also came highly recommended by him, as he’d eaten a great breakfast there, and I can certainly vouch for their waffles, which were very tasty (if a little pricey). I loved the red and white and black decor, and the checkered floor, so pulled out the San Francisco moleskine (it’s one of those travel guide ones, which has maps and loads of empty pages to fill in as you go along), and did a quick sketch. It was bustling, and felt both festive and American. I guess they’re open 24 hours. Being located where it is, right outside you get the local shuffling shouting nutters ambling about the streets, who move about as if part of some slow zombie uprising; it’s very specific to this area, not a behavioural pattern I’ve noticed anywhere else, not even on Oxford Street in London. One of them shouted at me as he shuffled by, “Why don’t you go and live in Sacramento!” which I thought was remarkably close. You’ve gotta love Union Square. Well, maybe not love, but it has character.