just for the kwak


Kwak! One of my favourite Belgian beers (the other ones are Fruit Defendu and Charles Quint, if you’re at the bar) and the one you drink out of the funny glass. My wife got me some bottles of Kwak for Christmas, very enjoyable they are too. I sketched one last night on Boxing Day while watching telly. Boxing Day, though it’s not called that over here, was very much as Boxing Days should be, very little done except hang out at home playing with toys, then going for a walk in the park and trying to teach my three year old how to tell ‘knock knock’ jokes, eating leftover turkey and trifle and pumpkin pie. Christmas lasts a couple of weeks in my house – twelve days, hello like, till January 6th – so it’s sad when I see others taking their decorations down the day after Christmas. I love having the festive feel up as long as possible! Having a glass of Kwak and a nice mince pie helps with that…