for whom the bell tolls

view over berkeley

I hadn’t been to Berkeley in ages. I don’t even remember the last time I sketched there. I took the train down with my mum during her visit to California last week, as she’d never been there. We looked around downtown and explored the UC campus, going to the top of Sather Tower, the massive Campanile bell tower. I really must go back and draw a panorama! I couldn’t resist getting my sketchbook out, and a blue pen, and sketching while I had a moment. What a moment, it was five minutes to twelve. Before long, and out of the blue for some reason, the bell in the bell tower struck twelve, and it was LOOOUUUUD. And for some reason, it struck like twelve times. By the end of it my knees were kind of made of jelly. Again, obviously a totally unexpected surprise what with it being midday, but I did feel quite scard of heights all of a sudden. That soon passed, when the carillion player came up and started playing pop songs on the carillion. Lady Gaga, apparently, not that I know what a Lady Gaga sounds like. Anyway, nice view.

take me to the place where you go

at the Pence Gallery showMy sketchooks, at the Pence GalleryChristmas Carollers at the Pence Gallery

Sorry for the lack of sketchbloggery this past week; I have been quite busy, and quite tired! But to report on last Friday’s show (and in fact the exhibit in general) – what a success! So many people came, my voice was getting hoarse from all the talking. Thank you so much to everybody who stopped by, I really appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed the event. I brought along a few sketchbooks for random people to flick through (I know, heart palpitations, but people were gentle), and quite a few of my drawings on exhibit have sold now too.

A post-show beer

Afterwards I needed a beer. Just the one, but a big one. Next day I went and chopped down a Christmas tree, and the day after that I went to see a show at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, where everybody was walking around holding a drawing that I had done… Much more posting to be done, stay tuned!!!