it’s enough to make your hart go…

hart hall, ucd

Sketched last week, on Friday the 13th. I’ve drawn this building before, a couple of times I think, but ages ago and not as completely. Took all lunchtime, but it’s a rewarding building on campus, that reminds me of a Roman villa or something. Friday the 13th. Apparently the day is bad luck because it reminds them of bad horror movies with endless awful sequels, and that can give anyone the shivers. This is not a sequel of my previous sketches of Hart Hall, rather it is a remake, no, a reboot. That’s the thing these days isn’t it, reboots. It’s an excuse film-makers use to start again and confuse the audience (wait, wait, this reboot, is it supposed to be better?). It’s all because of Batman Begins. Now they’re rebooting Superman, because the last one was a little long and some people went ‘meh’, and because market research showed people want dark super heroes now because the Dark Knight sold well. Oh, and Spiderman is rebooting (with yet another English actor playing the super-lead) because those last ones from just a couple of years ago, well yes they started well, but that third one ruined it all with his stupid saturday night fever dancing, so let’s start again, only a decade after the new Spiderman started. We’re still not over the prequel fad yet. Remakes, reboots, ‘re-imaginings’… all different things, apparently. Studios love reboots (why not just make good films to begin with?), fans on super hero movie forums love reboots (more things to be dissatisfied with, making life complete), but why stop at comic flicks? Why not reboot TV shows like Eastenders? It’s getting a bit unrealistic, a bit Phil-and-Ian, just reboot it, have Ian and Phil be secret lovers torn apart in an epic struggle to own the caff, set it not on Albert Square but Albert Plaza, a block of luxury condos in the Docklands, where everyone gathers on the Queen Vic facebook group (don’t annoy administrator Peggy or she’ll block you and unfriend you), and for an ironic twist, people die every day on the show except on Christmas. No, this is utterly ridiculous. Perfect for Hollywood though; we’ll leave it for Eastenders: the Movie (which will no doubt have a nice long ridiculous title like Eastenders: the Mystery of the Missing Christmas Club Money, or Eastenders: the Revenge of the Curse of Nick Cotton, starring Vin Diesel as Phil, Betty White as Dot and I dunno, George Clooney as Nick, for a laugh, I can just see the epic looking “allo, ma” posters now.

Where was I? Oh yes, Hart Hall, UC Davis. It’s nice. Please do not reboot.

3 thoughts on “it’s enough to make your hart go…

  1. tiera says:

    Hello Mr. Scully,

    As a high school student artist just starting out in sketching, I was excited to come across your work.
    How do you do it?
    How long does each sketch or “batch of sketches” on a single page take on average?

  2. pete scully says:

    Hi Tiera, thanks for commenting. This sketch, which is pen and watercolour, took approximately an hour (my whole lunchtime) and is sized about 4″x6″ in my sketchbook. I did the colours on site; sometimes if I don’t get time I’ll do them at home, or even some of the detailing, but in this case I crammed them all into my lunch hour. But usually I will do a sketch a little over half this size at lunchtime and have enough time to eat.
    Best wishes, Pete

    • tiera says:

      Hello Pete,

      Thank you for this information. You’re one of my favorite sketchers of all time! I appreciate your sharing your work with the online art community. The sketches you create are exceedingly inspiring and I try my best to emulate your work to improve as an artist.

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