back yard game of goosebumps

lois's garden

We took a drive over to see family in Santa Rosa, not something we;ve done much of lately since the pandemic started. We sat in the backyard of my wife’s mother, all socially distanced and wearing masks. My nephew had grown taller since I last saw him, so much time has passed. They all played a game of Goosebumps around the table while I sketched from a different table. The weather was cooler than in Davis. My mother in law’s back yard looks lovely now, it has all been done up nice. I have a feeling if this pandemic keeps up like this we’ll be having Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner out there too! I want this whole thing to be over, back to normal. I want to fly to England to see my family there, but this is where we are right now so we do what we can. It was nice to at least go and do this. Now this summer is flying past, working from home, the world outside is literally burning as I write with clouds of ash and smoke from nearby wildfires, mass evacuations going on, firefighters working around the clock to keep us safe, the air outside thick and choking, the sky a dull orange, all the while a global pandemic is going on, and then there’s the bloody election season upon us. At least the Champions League football has been fun.

4 thoughts on “back yard game of goosebumps

    • pete scully says:

      I’m not so sure – the second legs last season were incredible drama (Liverpool v Barcelona, Spurs v City, Spurs v Ajax, Barcelona v PSG a couple of years ago). Also I’m convinced Atalanta would have taken PSG over two legs, PSG love to bottle it. This mini tournament has been nice though, and maybe if they had just the semi-finals and final be like this in neutral venues with just days between games it would be exciting. But it means fewer matches so less revenue, and that hurts the smaller clubs. (It’s why I’m against getting rid of FA Cup replays, in fact bring back the replay in the final, Thursday night at Wembley!)

      • unironedman says:

        Well I guess smaller clubs and Champions League are strange bedfellows but I take your point. Last season (this season, what season are we in again? Eh? We’ve started next season before finishing this one…) was an aberration. I doubt we’ll see the likes of it again for a while.

        Who are we up for tonight? German efficiency or expensive mercenaries?

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