frat’s entertainment

A & 1st & Old Davis Road
The last time I sketched this Frat House it was a different Frat that was in there. I’m not a massive fan of the whole Frat thing, but then I’m a pushing-40 British sketcher so I don’t know, I’m not the demographic. This is that time of year though isn’t it, when the Fraternities do all their Frat Boy stuff, and the Sororities do all their Sor Girl stuff (it isn’t actually called that, is it. See? I’m clueless). I’m actually surprised that the helicopter parents of these students haven’t set up special societies of their own, to keep an eye on them, Mat Houses or Pat Houses, as it were. That is a terrible idea of course, which makes it surprising that they don’t exist (and they probably do). You see all the boards over campus each year for ‘Rush’, why they are in such a hurry I don’t know. Young people, eh. Actually I was in a hurry when I sketched this, as the lunchtime ticked away and I needed to go and eat something unhealthy. Anyway, this is at the very start of campus, the intersection of Old Davis Road, 1st Street and A Street.

5 thoughts on “frat’s entertainment

  1. redharparts says:

    Good sketch. Even when I was an 18y/o college freshman, I disliked the Greek thing. It seemed so “rich kid” and exclusive and had so many rules! The only Greek letters I have are ones from an academic honor society… and we never met as a group.

    • pete scully says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard about the rules for the sororities, and the crazy rituals of the fraternities, sounds like exactly the opposite sort of thing that I like. Terry Pratchett came up with some good fraternities though, like “Rho Rho Rho” (the boating fraternity), or “Eta Beta Pi” (who do a lot of baking)

      • redharparts says:

        One of my teachers had Sigma Phi Null (signify nothing)! Some of us had greek letter t shirts made of it and got angry shouts from the Frat boys! Our Greek pin was a safety pin. This teacher was a riot!

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