eye on mrak

eye on mrak, uc davisI haven’t sketched this thing in ages, but I actually sketched it for the first time almost ten years ago. This is “Eye on Mrak”, one of Robert Arneson’s well-known Eggheads, sculptures that live on the UC Davis campus. Friday lunchtime I decided I needed to sketch it again. This made me hungry for boiled egg.

Here are my previous versions: 2009, 2007 and 2005. 2005! When I sketched the actual ‘eye’ part. That was before I even worked at UC Davis, I had no idea what Mrak Hall was.

'eye on mrak' eggheadeye on mraksketchcrawl dec05 eyemrak

7 thoughts on “eye on mrak

  1. Anne Bonney says:

    Thanks for capturing Robert Arneson’s piece. I love his cockeyed view of things. Have you seen his soup tureen – genius!

  2. Anne Bonney says:

    I think the tureen, titled Hot Soup, is in the Fendrick collection which is unfortunately closed. The tureen, as you can imagine, was Arneson’s head on a platter. The top of his head was a lid and the platter was glazed an appropriately gory red. I could not find a photo. You would have enjoyed seeing it.

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