all these places have their moments

Map of Strasbourg

And after all those Strasbourg sketches, here is the map. Took me a while to draw, then put together, and there are like no street names, you just kind of have to know. If you click on it you can see it in larger detail. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I’ve certainly gotten the ‘Must-Sketch-Strasbourg-Now!” thing out of my system now, but I cannot wait to go back someday.

I just blogged a summary-style post on the main Urban Sketchers website: I say ‘summary’, I do go into great detail about the 842 ‘Oaths of Strasbourg’ and their significance to the written French and German languages, and Europe as a whole. You know, briefly.

And finally, because this has basically been one long trip down several memory lanes,  here are a couple more I wanted to share. First, this is my bus pass student card from my trip to Strasbourg in 1995. Good sensible looking young chap.

95 strasbourg card

Secondly, this is me and my oldest friend Terry cycling past the cathedral on our trip there in 1997, aged 21. Mischievous faces!  1997 pete tel cycling strasbourg

And finally in 2015, the same hairstyle, a bit more portly perhaps. A la prochaine fois, Strasbourg…


8 thoughts on “all these places have their moments

  1. Myra Handsaker says:

    I have really enjoyed your Strasbourg series, especially the lovely photos and sketches to compare from your first visit to present.

  2. Haley Flom says:

    Hi! I stumbled on this page in a google search and I think these sketches are really lovely!
    I have a question: as an English teacher at the Université de Strasbourg, could I possibly have permission to use your map of the city as a support for a lesson? I want to work with my students on being able to help give directions to lost tourists for example, and your map is really clear and uncluttered, plus the illustrations of the places could help my students orient themselves/know what they’re talking about.

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