i look at the world and i notice it’s turning

de vere's davisDe Vere’s Irish Pub, Davis. Click on the image to see it larger and in more detail. It was the end of the week (the weekend usually is), and an evening out at the comic shop followed by some beer and sketching was in order. This is a nice pub. I like drawing pub panoramas in my Moleskine, and this one took only two and a half beers (it’s always something-and-a-half; I like to spend that last half pint looking at the sketch, pencil case away). I have drawn curvilinearly in here before, but now it is time to pull back and see more of the room. I didn’t speak to anyone, just got on with the sketching. It wasn’t very busy on this particular Saturday evening, and it was warm outside. This is an exceptionally warm Spring. We have had some terrible winds, but warm winds, and the weather has been pushing the 90s (actually this week it’s been pushing the mid-90s, it’s like Britpop).


If you’re interested, this is how it looks in the sketchbook.

9 thoughts on “i look at the world and i notice it’s turning

    • pete scully says:

      Thanks! As for the beer, not really, I never drink enough to do so. There was one time though when I was sketching a bar panorama, and the details on the left where I started were super crisp and detailed, while on the right, the bit completed after several pints was a lot more scribbly.

  1. Jason Pearlman says:

    The “Like” button just doesn’t do this sketch justice; as a sketching, sketchbook, and bar aficionado, the sketch is beautiful and I like the story behind it.

  2. MorrisMosart says:

    P.S. De Vere is from glass, mostly from 1066, some becoming Earls of Oxford. Some went to Ireland and became Devoy. Oy Devoy! It’s all thermally sensitive here too.

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