milk snatcha


In case for some reason you don’t know who this is (and apparently there were a lot of young people on the internet who didn’t), this is Margaret Thatcher, aka Maggie Fatcha, former British prime minister who died recently, prompting some long-awaited celebrations across the UK. The most divisive PM in history, large areas of Britain are still reeling from the policies of her government. Even now, bingo callers all along the seaside refer to the number 10 as Maggie’s Den, I presume. But she was also a very popular Spitting Image puppet, lest people forget, and indeed our own dog Lady (aka ‘Soppydog’) had a squeeky toy Maggie which she carried everywhere with her. It was her Baby. “Where’s Maggie?” we’d ask her, and she’d go and get her from behind the sofa, wagging her tail, peeing on the carpet. Maggie would be all chewed up, and the squeak was gone out of her after a while, but Soppydog loved that little Maggie and would cry for hours if she couldn’t find her.

Given the spontaneous outpouring of non-grief, in a kind of reverse-Diana situation, it was quite funny to see the accompanying call of “don’t speak ill of the dead” and “show some respect” and “it’s too soon”. The not speaking ill of the dead thing amused me enormously, because it’s like, oh it’s fine if she’s not dead yet. That sort of thing may be true if you’re at her funeral among her family, or if this was just a neighbour who ran over your flowers once, but I think it’s ok to speak up about a national leader whose policies tore your community apart at a time when that person is being brought into the spotlight again, such as at the time when she dies and everyone is trying to re-evaluate her legacy. I think it’s absolutely essential to speak ill of the dead, lest the ills be overlooked. Do you think Maggie herself would have held back ill words? But after all the dust has settled, one outcome of all this is that I can no longer watch the Wizard of Oz without thinking, ooh those Munchkins, what heartless little bastards. Don’t they know it’s too soon? That Wicked Witch of the East is still there, under the house, and you’re coming up with whole song and dance numbers? Spontaneously? Think of how her poor family must feel! No wonder her green sister was so angry. And then Dorothy comes along and snatches her shoes. “Oh I didn’t mean to,” she says, but come on Dorothy. Too soon, too soon.

There’s one other thing I noticed. It’s well known that Maggie was not popular in the city of Liverpool, and with very good reason. However, Liverpool FC, once the undisputed kings of European football, have not won a single League Title since Thatcher went bawling out of Number 10. While she was in office, Liverpool were English champions a whopping EIGHT times. Manchester United didn’t win any Leagues, weren’t even close. Post-Mrs-Thatch, United have been champions thirteen times, Liverpool zero. Makes you think, doesn’t it. The curse of Maggie Thatcher, league title snatcher.

4 thoughts on “milk snatcha

  1. Sara says:

    The facts about Margaret Thatcher being the milk snatcher are all a bit wrong actually. The labour party had already removed milk from 11-18 year olds in 1968. Thatcher then finished the job three years later. Infant schools continued to receive it until 1980.

    By the way, she and the others did children a favour. It was disgusting. Smelly and warm in summer time and freezing cold in winter. It was rancid and came in dirty bottles. I came from a poor family and I can assure you I was not dependant on a third of a pint bottle of milk for my very existence.

    I didn’t like Thatcher or her policies. I didn’t fall over my self to tell you what a wonderful woman she was when she died – liked many of the press did, even the guardian. It’s best not to be a hypocrite. However, a respectful gap, before you lay into the recently dead is all that is required. My opinion has not changed about the person, but viciously assaulting a person’s character and holding them responsible for things decades after they had any power is rather wrong in my view. Any policies she put in place, still remain so by the endorsement of other politicians, including current ones. So, scape-goating dead people is unnecessary, just vote people in who have different ideas and who don’t uphold those policies of others which we don’t like. Thatcher was literally a senile old woman. Such hatred is misguided.

    It’s wisest to say nothing when a person first dies, if you really can’t be honest and then later you can revert to type knowing you haven’t let your self down in any way. I’m not sure the funeral was really in order though. Why her? What about Tony Blair and John Major. Do they get that too? Probably not. I don’t feel it was very democratic.

    As an aside note, looking at past pictures, I think she would really have been rather an attractive woman were it not for the hair – you simply cannot get past that though can you? Or the voice of course.

  2. Aloquin says:

    It is my personal policy to never comment on that which I know nothing about. That being said, I am 37 years old, and I never pay much attention to the news, or politics, for that matter, so I really wouldn’t know Margaret if I fell over her. But, one thing I do know about is art, so I will say that your drawing is spot on, now that I’ve done a google image search. She *looks* rather… tough? Her smile seems rather implemented than genuine, but again, I don’t know. But, great illustration!

  3. alethakuschan says:

    Your comments detract from your drawing, which is a really fine drawing. Speaking as an American, I can tell you she certainly was deeply admired in this country. She was a very powerful influence on Ronald Reagan, who was for his part probably the greatest American president of modern times. And “Don’t go wobbly,” is a saying that still echos in this country. She could say that to George Herbert Walker Bush, decorated veteran of World War II. She could say that. What an astonishing woman.

  4. A True America says:

    Your comments really enhance your drawing, which is a really fine drawing. Speaking as a Real American, I can tell you she certainly is deeply lothed in this country. She was a very powerful influence on Ronald Reagan, who’s brain had died long before he left office.

    The Republican Party is now over-run with gun nuts, religious bigots, and philanderers who claim they want to save the institution of marriage.

    I am quite sure that Ronnie and Lucifer are really enjoying Maggie’s company right now.

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