nanodrawmo 2012 – part 3

More NaNoDrawMo entries…this series continues through its third act, the plot thickens (like water). There is no plot. But I do particularly like some of the drawings in this set. And look! A pirate!
NaNoDrawMo 21-22
NaNoDrawMo 23-25
NaNoDrawMo 26-28
NaNoDrawMo 29-31
And so we are in the second half. More to come…

9 thoughts on “nanodrawmo 2012 – part 3

  1. helen says:

    i didn’t realise it was possible to get nutella in america- I’m sure i’d read about people getting it shipped in. But the description (skim milk) doesn’t sound like an import.

    America; more and more civilised by the day!

  2. Myra Handsaker says:

    Love all the sketches in your Nanodrawmo series here, especially the mixed tape. I didn’t think anyone had cassettes. My truck must be ancient since it has a cassette player!

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