pete on etsy

Well, Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday is done with, and houses are starting to deck themselves out in glitz, lights and those spangly reindeer things people like putting in their yards. Christmas is a-coming in. So why not pop over to my Etsy store? I love Etsy, and it’s nice to occasionally sell some art on there myself. I have a modest selection of very nice prints and original drawings still available…

For example, you could get a lovely print of my ‘train’ drawing
train engine in davis

Or maybe an original drawing of Old City Hall in Davis?
old city hall, F street

Perhaps you like birds…how about a beautiful original drawing of some birdhouses?

Or decorate your wall with a spiffing colourful 10″ x 20″ panorama print of the Davis Art Center?
Davis Art Center

There’s more stuff on there, so please pop by and check it out. Pretty please.

Pete Scully on Etsy

Ok, ’nuff said, back to the sketching…