autumn at the art center

Davis Art Center
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Last Sunday was the November “Let’s Draw Davis” sketchcrawl, in the conveniently-located-across-the-street-from-me Community Park. Since it had been prophesied to be a cold day, only a few of us showed up, greeted by crisp autumn sunshine and blazing fall colours. after a very quick ‘people’ sketch or two I set to work on a panorama. The previous Friday evening I had attended a fun event at the Davis Art Center called the ‘Arty Party’, in which there was lots of drawing, some drinking and eating, and I even won a game of Pictionary, a game I’ve not played in a couple of decades, surprisingly. It was nice to get out and be social and talk to people about art, and in fact they will be selling some cards of my drawings in their annual Holiday Sale (Nov 30-Dec 2), including a recent one of the Art Center. I was talking about how I’d never drawn the building before, because it wasn’t an easy one to draw – trees in the way, lots of angles, it had always seemed very difficult. And then almost as soon as I had said it, I said to myself, difficult, huh? Really?  So I determined to give it another go. I liked my first version – it says ‘Davis Art Center’ on it – but really wanted the panoramic version in my Moleskine sketchbook. I stood in the sunshine for just over two hours (my wife even came by and brought me a sandwich!) and sketched away. I started in the middle and worked my way outwards.
Drawing the Davis Art Center

I didn’t end up doing any more sketches on the sketchcrawl (I popped back home to call my Mum in England and have a cup of tea), but met with the group at the library afterwards, where we all showed off our sketches. In the end I think about eight people came, which was pretty good for a cold day (though it wasn’t cold, really California, really..). Next one will be in mid-December, when it might really be cold…let’s keep drawing Davis!

Finally, here is the drawing of Davis Art Center I started on location before I went to Portland (and finished when I got back), showing the main entrance and part of a sculpture in the foreground. I love this place, they do a lot of good for our artistic community in Davis, and long may they do so.

davis art center

nanodrawmo 2012 – part 2

The 50-drawings-in-November project lurches forward like a galactic starship, full of little ink drawings of various things, along with short, often timed (2 to 5 mins) writing exercises, in which there is no editing or forward planning, just a ‘see what happens’ thing. Here I am already verging from the EveryDayMatters challenges, my original ‘theme’; for the most part, I drew the picture and tried to find an EDM challenge to match up to it. It’s more liberating just to draw. Darth Vader’s lightsabre? I sat there with the plastic version on the edge of the bed and sketched away. Enjoy.
NaNoDrawMo 11-13
NaNoDrawMo 14-16
NaNoDrawMo 17-20
The only one not drawn from life was Strasbourg Cathedral. To be honest it wasn’t even drawn from any one photo, being such a hard thing to photograph, so I looked at various pictures and reconstructed it face on. It only took 25 minutes, so I was pretty happy with that. The writing took five. The project continues apace…