space travel’s in my blood

D St mustard seed

Here’s a sketch I did one lunchtime this week, of the old phone box and Mustard seed restaurant in downtown Davis. There’s no phone in the phone box, it’s just a bit of anglophile decoration. They lock the door now, which is a shame, as me and my young son always used to stop by and pretend it was a rocket ship, and we would go inside and fly off to Saturn, and maybe stop off on the asteroid belt, before coming back to Davis again. It’s good to get off the planet, every now and then.

I sketched this in the watercolour Moleskine (#11) with that uniball signo um-151 brown pen I love so much.

5 thoughts on “space travel’s in my blood

  1. Jason Pearlman says:

    Digging the sketch, and the mention of the pen color reminds me of the time I saw some original Dali sketches done in sepia to tones. It inspired me to load up my fountain pen with sepia ink to draw with.

  2. francifularts says:

    Not only do I love the iconic red phone booth, but your story was so touching! Reminds me of when my boys were little. Reminds me of when I was little and flew to the moon in a cardboard box!

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