nanodrawmo 2012 – part 5

I finally finished the NaNoDrawMo challenge, with time to spare. Here are the final posts, with nice drawings and rather inconsistent / incoherent writing exercises beside them.
NaNoDrawMo 40-42
NaNoDrawMo 43-44
NaNoDrawMo 45-47
NaNoDrawMo 48-49
NaNoDrawMo 50
Phew! Here are all 50 drawings, altogether in one place…
NaNoDrawMo 2012 full set
Well done to everybody else who took the NaNoDrawMo challenge this year (I think you’ll particularly enjoy my cousin Dawn’s inspirational drawings of fishing gear). There is some great stuff out there! You can check out the rest of the NaNoDrawMo Flickr group at:

the way we used to be

NaNoDrawMo 50

While I’ll be posting the remaining set of NaNoDrawMo pieces altogether shortly, I thought you might like to see #50, the final one. It’s a self-portrait, although admittedly a few years have passed between the photo being taken and the drawing being drawn. I have had a haircut since then, and wear glasses, and I’m sure those dungarees don’t fit any more. No this is me aged about three, demonstrating why I keep my hair short (so as not to look like a diagram of the Atlantic Summer Hurricane Season). Hair is a bright red, eyes a bright blue, cheeks a bright pink; nothing’s changed there! I’m still as sweet. I still remember this face though, having to stand on the chair to see it in the mirror. This face makes me think of the Mr.Men theme music, by far my favourite show when I was a little one. Drawn in uniball signo um-151 pen (two sizes, 0.28 and 0.38) in a big Moleskine.

nanodrawmo 2012 – part 4

Ploughing on with the NaNoDrawMo series… I am actually almost done, but still a few more quick writing exercises to do, and of course the scanning. In this one, a spray bottle, a scrubbing brush, my sunglasses, my son’s AT-ST (aka “Star Wars Lego Garbage Truck”), a souvenir Eiffel Tower, a toy Magneto, a tin of pumpkin pie mix, aaaand… a Hoegaarden Grand Cru glass, which followed me all the way from Belgium over a decade ago. More NaNos to come…
NaNoDrawMo 32-34
NaNoDrawMo 35-36
NaNoDrawMo 37-39

nanodrawmo 2012 – part 3

More NaNoDrawMo entries…this series continues through its third act, the plot thickens (like water). There is no plot. But I do particularly like some of the drawings in this set. And look! A pirate!
NaNoDrawMo 21-22
NaNoDrawMo 23-25
NaNoDrawMo 26-28
NaNoDrawMo 29-31
And so we are in the second half. More to come…

nanodrawmo 2012 – part 2

The 50-drawings-in-November project lurches forward like a galactic starship, full of little ink drawings of various things, along with short, often timed (2 to 5 mins) writing exercises, in which there is no editing or forward planning, just a ‘see what happens’ thing. Here I am already verging from the EveryDayMatters challenges, my original ‘theme’; for the most part, I drew the picture and tried to find an EDM challenge to match up to it. It’s more liberating just to draw. Darth Vader’s lightsabre? I sat there with the plastic version on the edge of the bed and sketched away. Enjoy.
NaNoDrawMo 11-13
NaNoDrawMo 14-16
NaNoDrawMo 17-20
The only one not drawn from life was Strasbourg Cathedral. To be honest it wasn’t even drawn from any one photo, being such a hard thing to photograph, so I looked at various pictures and reconstructed it face on. It only took 25 minutes, so I was pretty happy with that. The writing took five. The project continues apace…

nanodrawmo 2012 – part 1

Back in 2010 I heard about NaNoDrawMo – it’s a bit like the annual month-long writing challenge NaNoWriMo (in which you must write a 50,000 word novel in a month), but this is for drawing, fifty drawings, a drawing being worth etc etc. In that year I drew fifty fire hydrants (and other metal pipes that come out of the ground). You may recall I like drawing them. Last year I was drawing people, but it ultimately didn’t get finished. This year however I am doing a series based on the EDM ‘Every Day Matters’ challenges, with a twist – a little piece of freestyle unedited and possibly nonsensical (or the opposite) writing to go with it. Given how much I have to do these days I might be barmy doing this project (I am), and over this next month you will get to see just how barmy (very), so for the sake of being concise I’ll present them as they are on the pages of my book, in groups of ten.
If you can’t read the writing don’t worry, just look at the pictures. In fact, just look at the pictures anyway…
NaNoDrawMo 1-2

NaNoDrawMo 3-5

NaNoDrawMo 6-7

NaNoDrawMo 8-10