normal service resumes

2nd & C. Davis

The Sun is back (“Spring was taking a break for a little while”, as my toddler son said), so I got out at lunchtime yesterday and sketched downtown. I am going to end up drawing every corner of downtown Davis. I think this is an estate agent’s, or ‘realtor’ as they say here. I wonder if there is such a thing as a ‘surrealtor’? That would be fun. I would watch those shows on HGTV. This by the way is the Middle of the Book, the midway point in Moleskine #7. I had thought I’d be further along by now, but I’ve been a bit lazy/scared of rain/busy, pick an excuse. Oh, and drawing toys and dictators in different sketchbooks. Well I need to get back on track, and sketch some of these lovely leafless trees before the leaves come back (which will be any minute now).

This weather comes at just the right time. This Saturday is the Let’s Draw Davis! Arboretum Sketchcrawl; meet at 11:00am outside Borders, and go down to the Arboretum to sketch ducks and bridges and trees and flowers and Putah Creek. I can’t wait!