what happens in vegas

the venetian from the mirage

Las Vegas on a Saturday evening is very different from Las Vegas on a Sunday afternoon. On Saturday evening, the city is apparently made up of skinny ladies in very short skirts and young men in very shiny shoes, whereas by Sunday afternoon they have all morphed into plump midwesterners in shorts and ill-fitting t-shirts with fast-food stains on them, shuffling around glitzy casino lounges. It’s an odd place, is Vegas. Changes every time I go back, in that another new swankier-than-thou casino hotel shopping complex has opened up, out-architecting the last one, with added Prada boutiques and other such high-end stores I’d never go in to. This will always be the grown-up theme park extraordinaire, however, and is still lots of fun. My favourite places are still the same as from the first time I came here, with the Venetian topping them all. There it is above, as viewed from our hotel window at the Mirage. As an avid Venetophile (yes I think I just created that word and it’s brilliant) I am always thrilled by the attention to detail of that place.

the las vegas strip

I sat out by the Las Vegas Strip, and found a spot to sketch the view towards the Stratosphere. You can’ see the snowy mountains from here, but the normally desert rocky backdrop was dusted with white snow and made the view look even more colourful. New construction is going up all the time. That brown building, that’s the Encore, an identical twin to the Wynn next door, and it wasn’t there last time I visited. We popped into the Wynn to say ‘ooh!’ and ‘wow! at the glitzy shopping mall inside. We’d like to stay there some time. Apparently Steve Wynn once said Las Vegas was “how God would have done it if he had money.”