while the rains fall

rainy outside, so i stay inside

It is rainy right now, very rainy, annoyingly so; I’ve got a sketchcrawl on Saturday, and I could do without rain. Well, it’s March, I suppose. I stayed in my office at lunchtime, rather than go outside and get wet, and sketched my desk. I was listening to the BBC News; none of it good, really. The huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan last Friday were just so shocking, so unbelievable; it puts so much in perspective. For sure, the immense force of nature reminds us how small we are, but the reaction of the amazing people of Japan reminds us of how great we are too. I wish all my friends in Japan the very best. I just hope that this ongoing nuclear power threat does not get worse.

I was listening to news of Libya too; that madman Gaddafi is fighting back, and yet we stand by dithering, unsure what to do, while people are dying. Here’s hoping that sanity prevails, and that somehow that mad Colonel is defeated before he can commit further atrocities. Do we have a plan if he is not?