they run and hide their heads

tercero south

It has been windy and rainy, to say the least. Oh we’ve had a day or so here where the Sun has been out with his hat on, but no sooner have we said hip-hip-hip-hooray than the storms are back. On Saturday night the wind was so loud I half expected to wake up and find munchkins dancing around outside the house. It was stormy again last night, and I expected today to be a lunchtime inside listening to the news, but I saw that the rain had stopped, and I thought, I’ll have some of that. Out I went, to sketch a cool looking building I’ve had my eye on since it was finished: Tercero South Phase II, as the complex is known (at least on the UC Davis housing website). It’s a brand new set of residence halls. It was still cold, and it was awkward sketching in that wind, and after a while the rain decided to come back and mix it up a bit, but I finished it up, and ran away.