those magnificent men with their flying machines

toy plane

So, after deliberation and destruction, a UN resolution and no-fly zone was finally ordered for Libya, but despite an apparent declaration of ceasefire, Gaddafi’s forces still pressed on with brutal¬†attacks on the Libyan people, and now we have airstrikes by the West and who knows what next.¬†I just hope it doesn’t mean more suffering, but sadly, it usually does.

I’ve been sketching some of my son’s toys lately in my small WH Smith’s sketchbook, and I started on the ‘air force’ the other day with the small yellow ‘spitfire’ Playmobil plane above. While the rains crashed down outside today (cancelling the Davis sketchcrawl) I sketched some more of the flying machines.

toy helicopter

Here’s the toy Duplo fire helicopter. It goes with the previously sketched fire truck. Below, the Playmobil police helicopter – it is a favourite one this. And finally, a yellow toy F-16 jet.

toy police helicopter

toy F-16

Next: trains…