the places behind the streets

Sophia's Thai Kitchen

Spread 9 of the Davis moleskine, and this one is an interesting little courtyard off E Street, where you can find Sophia’s Thai Kitchen. That’s a great little restaurant, their Jungle Curry is particularly tasty. The smell was pretty irresistable, I must say! This took a couple of lunchtimes, on neither of which did I have time to eat there – some other time!

Only a few spreads left in this book… I intend to do at least one interior…

and if you hear vague traces of skippin’ reels of rhyme

chez nous

I thought I’d try something different. I was watching TV and getting utterly sick of every single advert being a doom-and-darkness political attack ad (please, please can these elections be over? I can’t take it any more! This isn’t politics it is mass brain destruction, spending as much money as possible to make sure the voting public is completely diverted from any real issue). I took my mind off it with art. I regretted that I never went on a sketching outing with the magnificent artist Tia Boon Sim from Singapore up at the Portland Symposium, but everyone that did spoke afterwards about her paint-splashing techniques. Like I say, I didn’t get to learn it, but nonetheless I was inspired to splash paint onto my big watercolour pad, not thinking about what I’d do with it, but very therapeutic after all the nonsense on telly. When it dried, I sat on the couch and sketched the view of the kitchen, adding some more wash when done. This was a fun exercise.

we drew davis!

davis sketchcrawlers

Some images from Saturday’s “Let’s Draw Davis!” sketchcrawl. There were ten of us in total, and much was drawn. Above, sketchers Sandra, Mary, Cynthia and Steve busy drawing Cafe Mediterranee. Below left, eating and sketching inside the same place. Below right, Rahman skethcing the carousel in Central Park.

sketchers at lunchrahman sketching in the park
at the end of the dayend of the day also

The day ended around 4pm, with lots of tired Davis sketchers. Above left: Anne, Laurel, Clara and Laura show off their work. Above right: Steve and Cynthia with their sketches of Davis Community Church.  


And here am I, with my sketchbook. So that was a fun day! I plan to do it again, maybe even next month. If you’re interested in sketchcrawling here in Davis, let me know!

still getting the sketches in

cafe mediterranee, davis

Unusually on a Sketchcrawl, I stopped and had lunch. Most of the group ate at Cafe Mediterranee on D Street (far less crowded than the eateries around Central Park), and sketched, and talked about sketching. And then, after lunch, I realised that I had never drawn this building, and now was good time to tick that off my ‘to-draw’ list. Very interesting to see everyone’s different interpretations of it!    

three sketchers

When I was done (and I found that after going on and on about how wonderful the waterbrush is, I found myself missing my regular brushes – next time I won’t leave them behind!), I got back to practising my people sketching, quickly drawing Steve, Cynthia  and Laura. Cynthia (who drove over from Napa; I met her at the USk Symposium in Portland) was talking about ‘ten thousand hours’ I think it was, she hadn’t just dropped her sketchbook…

sandra torguson

While eating lunch I sketched on the menu, this was a quick drawing I did of Sandra Torguson, who is a fellow art-blogger from Sacramento. Check out her website, Sandra’s Mixed Bag.

smooth as silk day spa

As the Sketchcrawl drew to a close (that pun got old decades ago, by the way) we returned to Central Park, now quiet after the Farmer’s Market had departed, and I sketched the Smooth as silk day spa building (I’d been in there last week for an exhibit in the Davis Art About). I drew small. Very green.


After everyone had gone, I stopped off for a rest in Burgers’n’Brew, and was amazed to discover they had Kwak! My second favourite Belgian beer. After all this time, it’s now in Davis. I have one of those glasses at home, and so it was a nice treat at the end of the day. (Well, even nicer was watching the Giants win in the evening, having already had my beloved Tottenham win in the morning).

Worldwide Sketchcrawl 29

Let’s Draw Davis! Flickr group

sketchcrawling central park, davis

sketchcrawl 29

And so (after many fliers and several emails and the odd tweet) the 29th Worldwide Sketchcrawl came to Davis. I met up with several sketchers, some of whom were brand new to Davis (just as I was on my first ‘crawl here at the end of 05), while some were long time locals. We started at the Carousel, davis-mom-central, and when people started arriving I tried my hand at standing and sketching and talking – I’m trying to get the hang of multi-tasking! And sketching people – I figured I’d focus more on that today, hence meeting by the Farmer’s Market.

gold rush kettle korn

It was a nice warm day – not like the mid-90s weather we’ve had all week, but still not feeling autumnal in the slightest. I sketched the Kettle Korn stall while people ambled past – I even met and spoke briefly with Michael Corbett, who I had sketched the week before at his book talk.

rahman sketching

This is Rahman Azari, a colleague of mine and great artist (I went to see his work exhibited a few weeks ago at the Stonegate ArtFest), trying out the Koi waterbrush and paint set that I had recommended. I also tried a portrait of another sketcher, Mary Hook, who told me about the Davis Civic Arts Foundation (I think they are called) – something for me to check out.
mormons in central park

And here are some Mormons, who (with quite a few others) were playing music in the park. They were very pleased to see the quick sketch I’d done of them, so I gave them a sketchcrawl leaflet and told them to check us out. Actually I quite liked the blue guitar, and I am specifically trying to sketch musicians these days.

More to come!!! 

See more from around the world: 29th Worldwide Sketchcrawl Forum

sketchcrawl in the morning…


Just a reminder… sketchcrawl #29 tomorrow, all over the world (but especially in Davis). We’ll be meeting at 10:30am by the Carousel in Central Park, sketching all day (together or off on your own), maybe stopping for lunch, and then reconvening at 4:00pm back at the Carousel. If you’re in or around Davis and fancy doing some sketching, come by! Juts bring something to draw on and something to draw with, everybody is welcome, and it’s happening all over the world…

sitting here watching the people go crazy

Second St near G

I was hoping to draw this row of shops on 2nd Street, near G Street, from the front, but unfortunately there are so many cars and so much tree foliage that I had to be more creative. I sat just above a drain outside Froggy’s, eating my Subway lunch, and drew at an angle instead. I like the effect too, of the bricks in perspective. That’s the Aggie Barber Shop there. I never get my hair cut there, I go to the Razor’s Edge about a block away. The guy in there is the only person in Davis who can cut my hair. I have the easiest haircut, five minutes zhhooom, and yet some other places would take twenty, thirty minutes (or more). I tried a few barber’s around here (there are like a thousand on this block) before settling on Razor’s Edge. Unfortunately that place doesn’t have the nice brickwork, so I sketched here instead. Yes, I am nuts.

Spread 8 of the Davis Moleskine… this project just keeps on rolling on, while I’m sketching in mid-90s, mid-October heat…