sitting here watching the people go crazy

Second St near G

I was hoping to draw this row of shops on 2nd Street, near G Street, from the front, but unfortunately there are so many cars and so much tree foliage that I had to be more creative. I sat just above a drain outside Froggy’s, eating my Subway lunch, and drew at an angle instead. I like the effect too, of the bricks in perspective. That’s the Aggie Barber Shop there. I never get my hair cut there, I go to the Razor’s Edge about a block away. The guy in there is the only person in Davis who can cut my hair. I have the easiest haircut, five minutes zhhooom, and yet some other places would take twenty, thirty minutes (or more). I tried a few barber’s around here (there are like a thousand on this block)┬ábefore settling on Razor’s Edge. Unfortunately that place doesn’t have the nice brickwork, so I sketched here instead. Yes, I am nuts.

Spread 8 of the Davis Moleskine… this project just keeps on rolling on, while I’m sketching in mid-90s, mid-October heat…