how does your garden grow

luther burbank gardens, santa rosa

hydrant in santa rosa

While in Santa Rosa at the weekend, I walked down to Luther Burbank Home and Gardens and sketched in the afternoon. It’s a pretty little place, and the old house is very sketchworthy. Burbank was an important botanist and horticulturalist who created/developed  many species of plant and flower, as well as a famous potato. There’s a small chance I may be mistaken about this, but I think he invented Mr Potato Head. The site is in fact California Historical Landmark #234.

I also sketched a fire hydrant, because, you know, I’m collecting sketches of them. This one reminds me of a dalek. Perhaps it needs some Mr Potato Head glasses and moustache to cheer it up.

bears, look at me walking in all the squares

At B & 2nd, Davis

Davis Moleskine Spread # 3, the Black Bear Diner on the corner of B and 2nd Streets. This used to be a Baker’s Square (one of those places that did nice apple pies). That road leading off there, that heads towards UC Davis.

I often read my son that story in Christopher Robin about not walking on the lines in London streets. I was always told that too, when I was a kid, not to step on the cracks “or the bears would get ya!” which let’s face it is the least of your worries on London streets, unless the bears are wearing hoodies or something. You don’t get bears in Davis, we are too far from the mountains. But I did hear once that a mountain lion was spotted in West Sacramento, just across the causeway from here, and I saw a cat jump into a tree while cycling home one evening that was pretty big looking for a domestic tom. I’m no wildlife expert. Perhaps it was like the beast of Craggy Island.

As I sketched this, new students drove by being all loud in their cars, showing off to each other and woo-hooing from their windows. That won’t last. The mid-terms will get them before the bears do.