thoughts meander like a restless wind

D Street, Antiques Plus

Spread 6 of the Davis Moleskine project. This one is down at D Street, and this building is home to Antiques Plus. It took me a couple of lunchtimes to draw this – I am still getting used to drawing bigger like this, on different paper, with a different pen. But the effect is very enjoyable!

It’s a nice little corner of Davis, this. There is a small gathering of alleys to the left which lead through to E Street, filled with little nooks and shops, the odd cafe, and the Mustard Seed Restaurant. Beyond the antiques shop is the Pence Gallery.

We’ve had some odd weather here in Davis. It cooled down a little, but then got really hot again – it was 90 degrees yesterday. But there was also a terrifying Mistral-like wind howling day and night. Cycling home, I saw scores – probably fifty or sixty – huge birds, hawks most likely, flying about in circles en masse above the trees by the creek. I’d never seen so many birds of prey like that, it was very eery. “Earthquake weather,” my wife said. Not been one yet. It’s all very strange.